About Me

25 random things about me

1. My nationality is Canadian. My blood is Japanese and Filipino.
2. I use liquid liner every day.
3. I'm obsessed with knitting.
4. My favourite colours are black and pink.
5. My celebrity love is Angelina Jolie
6. I trip over my feet a lot.  
7. I have a BA in Psychology and BSc. in Nursing 
8. I have a huge sweet tooth. I love love love chocolate and eat it everyday.
9. I love water and drink 8-10 cups/day. I rarely drink alcohol as it makes me nauseous 95% of the time.
10. Out of the girly loves out there, my favourite is makeup ♥
11. I type wtf. In real life, I say what the hell.
12. I go through obsessions where I get a lot of things accomplished in a small period of time (knitting, exercising, etc).
13. Every time I get in a car, I expect to see a car accident so I go through my ABC's & CPR in my head.
14. The worst class I've ever taken is macroeconomics. Had no idea what was going on and pretty much passed only because half the class also failed and we were graded on a curve.
15. I would rather spend money on makeup than clothes (which explains why I dress like a hobo)
16. I love peanut butter. Especially with chocolate.
17. My favourite vegetables are spinach and mushroom.
18. I take stairs two at a time because I'm convinced I will fall.
19. I can't pronounce words starting in th- or ending in -th properly unless I consciously think about it.
20. I am uncomfortable around fire. Even sparklers make me anxious.
21. I am left handed.
22. I love baking so I have home-made goodies to eat.
23. I wish I can wear maternity pants because they look comfortable. I wear jeans but I hate how uncomfortable they are.
24. I learned how to put on makeup, straighten/curl my hair, and knit, from youtube.
25. If I could live off one form of protein, it would be egg. I love eggs.