Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 25, 2011 *edit*

Words cannot describe how tired I am. I brought my pedometer yesterday and it said I walked 9279 steps which is 6.5 km. Ideally you're supposed to walk 10,000 steps. Wtf. I thought I walked plenty.


1. Oh my...92 year old rejected woman shoots man's house

2. 63 year old gives birth

3. Another reporter suffers a medical condition while on the news.


My poor dog got into a fight with a raccoon. I won't get into the details but he got scratched. I was worried about rabies contamination & called my instructor to tell her I couldn't come into clinical till I figured out the rabies thing. Probably didn't help I was still hyped up and shaking when I called her so my voice was tight and strung out. He was fine when we brought him to the vet & gave him a rabies shot for prophylaxis in the future & antibiotics. Therefore, we don't need rabies shots either. But I asked him to take a look at his leg so they did xrays... $425 for everything!!! I'm not home so I don't know what happened to my dog yet :(

I'm just going to take a week hiatus from my blog. Too much going on right now and my body's falling apart on me. My face is breaking out like crazy, my bum has disappeared (currently my legs are tucked under me and my bum bones are digging into my feet), and I'm perpetually cold & tired all the time. Focus on school. Focus on my dog. And come back relaxed with regular blogging :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 24, 2011

My car passed air care YAY. Even better, it performed below average in terms of emissions so I'm leaving a smaller carbon footprint with my car.

My bf bought this wrestling game (so lame) and he keeps bugging me to play with him. I finally agreed but only because I got to make my own wrestler. My wrestler's so awesome. It is a he, with a buzz cut, cat ears, hot pink pants & boots, and a giant K tattooed on his back. Sweet.

1. Execution of 3 Filipinos on China's Death Row

2. If you can find this missing teddy bear you get $1000.

3. Apple removed a supposed Anti Gay App. I'm not entirely sure what this app actually did.

4. CommunityChannel aka Natalie Tran shows us the awkwardness of watching your friend fight with her parents

5. Bonus! Natalie Tran describes Maldives. I never even heard of Maldives till I watched this.

6. Asian Chicks go Clubbing- Woot Vancouver!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 23, 2011

Let me tell you about my car in the past month.

1. Flat tire because of a nail.
2. In order to shift into Drive, I have to press down on the floor brakes. The part that allowed me to do that died. So my car was stuck in park.
3. My hubcap was stolen probably fell off as it is GONE. I was driving down the freeway today and saw one so I wondered if that was mine.
4. As of today, my car has decided to make a chirping sound.
5. My car is going into air care tomorrow and I am greatly concerned it will fail as it failed 2 years ago and cost me money to fix it to pass.

Good grief.

1. A man gets the first US face transplant. I would love to see his after picture.

2. 50 celebrities that went to college- My favourite is Natalie Portman who graduated from Harvard with a major in psychology.

3. Awesome! A guy shares his story of going from 384 pounds to 200 pounds

4. Think this guy is faking an Asian girlfriend?

5. My friend recommended Morandi-Love Me years ago and I still find it enjoyable.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar.21, 2011

1. Baby toque!!! Which turned out to be too small! So I will make another one :)

2. Remember awhile ago, I posted the nutella mug cake recipe from my2cents blog? I tried it today... except changed it by a lot! If you actually look at it, it's really fattening and sweet! Here is my take on it. I forgot my camera at my house :( I'll take pics another time & repost. It was yummy & fulfilled my chocolate craving. Of course, you can use nutella instead of peanut butter like the original recipe. All fatty anyway.

Peanut butter Nutella Chocolate Cake in a Mug

3 tbsp all purpose flour
a pinch of baking powder
a sprinkle of salt
2 1/2 tbsp sugar
1 egg
3 tbsp cocoa
1 tbsp nutella
2 tbsp peanut butter
3 tbsp milk
1 tbsp oil
ate mine with peanut butter and chocolate ice cream 

Mix together in a large mug. microwave for 1 1/2-3 min (or till fork/toothpick comes out clean). Done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

3. The beautiful Amie Nguyen is featured on VancityBuzz. I found her randomly on twitter and I think she's gorgeous. She's the opposite of me though. Me + Sports = fail.

4. Bubzbeauty is the lovely lady that showed me how to curl my hair super fast. I love her cute Irish accent. She does her hair within 5 min. Mine's within 10 min and I use a curling iron. I have too much hair that the flat iron is too much of a hassle for me to curl with.

5. Kristin Kreuk is in town filming in a new show 17th Precinct.

6. A study from U of A proposes removing a part of the kidney in treatment as opposed to the whole kidney.

7. Japanese don't have time to grieve- this brought tears to my eyes. And the whole deal going down with Gadhafi os making me so angry. The news is centralized around it taking attention away from the Japanese crisis. Plus the fact that because of Gadhafi not stepping down, there will be alot of people who are potentially going to die as a result. I can go on about this; it makes me so mad.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 21, 2011

I have an immunology midterm :(

1. Washington, DC got an awesome view of the super moon. We got a super bright, but normal sized moon :(

2. My cat's new hobby is staring at walls.

3. Oldie but a goodie: Charlie the Unicorn

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 20, 2011

I am living the pack rat dilemma where everything is so cluttered and messy that it's irritating me but I can't bear to throw anything out.

1. Can't remember if I posted this. Swan Lake Pole Dancing- this girl has mad skills and abs of steel.

2. Guy is juggling crystal balls at Narita Airport. This is know as contact juggling.

3. Llama antibody studied to defeat C. Diff. Hehe, related to immunology (which will be the death of me).

4. My dresser fell apart so my parents bought me dresser yay. They went to a second hand store and was able to buy an IKEA MALM 6 drawer chest FOR $50! Awesome. They got it from some place in New West... I think along Royal Ave by Douglas College.

5. Check out the musical geisha art by HeyCheri. So pretty.

6. I like watching Dog the Bounty Hunter with my bf. It saddened me to see Baby Lyssa was arrested following rumors that she was divorcing her husband because of domestic abuse :( Domestic abuse crushes me. Even now after all crap that went down between Chris Brown and Rihanna, I don't feel comfortable listening to his music anymore.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 19, 2011

I have so many knitting projects I want to do (eternity scarf, beret, etc). But I got a few request for baby toques so that'll be my next project! Spring is a coming so I can set aside my scarves project for later and give them as gifts next winter. Eeee baby toques!! Mad cute.

You know what/who's also mad cute?? MY CAT.

1. On Saturday night, check out the ginourmous moon- it'll be super close to the earth, a rare occasion

2. my2cents shows a nutella cake recipe- yum yum yum

3. DC elementary school student busted with cocaine- and also shared it with his friends. wtf.

4. I saw this a few days ago, but this is the story of a loyal dog who refused to leave his injured friend. But it looks like it hasn't been confirmed that the dogs were rescued :(

5. Some douchebag(s) stole Girl Guide cookies

6. BathroomDancer is doing a Sigma kabuki giveaway. Ends April 30,2011.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 18, 2011

I was walking through the mall with my boyfriend and there was an empty kiosk available for rent. My bf joked around saying I should knit a whole bunch and then open one up and sell them. I don't think he was serious but the idea seems attainable. Except that I'd feel bad about charging people and I'd rather give them as gifts. I am the worst salesperson ever.

1. Oh my... an art exhibition called: The Great Wall of Vagina

2. September 15, 2005: Japan proves truly "A friend indeed" after Hurricane Katrina

3. Downtown Honolulu penthouse discounted $6 million"It went down from $18.5 million to $12.5 million- DEAL!!!

4. Adrian Petersen, a football player, compares players getting traded as modern day slavery. I don't follow football. But if you're going to make millions, I wouldn't exactly call that slavery.

5. Spring is a coming. I saw crocuses in the backyard! And it's also Cardigan Weather. This song has nothing to do with what I just said but I love Meg & Dia.

Thursday, March 17, 2011



There are a few mistakes (simply because I don't know how to fix them) and there's a hole at the top!=O

But I love it. It fits my head perfect. I want to walk around the house wearing it.

Random Ramblings Mar. 17, 2011

I drove through Richmond today and it was nice! I love driving by the airport with my dad because he becomes absolutely fascinated with the airplanes overhead. It's like he's 5 years old and as far as he's concerned, it's just him and the airplane. An Air Canada plane was probably less than 30 feet above us and it was huge. I also saw the BCIT aerospace campus, Richmond hospital, and the Olympics Richmond Oval Ring. Felt like a tourist :)

1. A Minnesota man was found guilty of aiding suicides. His defense? It was freedom of speech. wtf...

2. One minute puberty- warning: suggestive animation involved

3. Bakedinvancouver does Giant Perogies. Yum yum yum.

4. My2cents showcases the variety of China glaze crackle OPI nail polishes- I like the pink one of course :)

5. I love the amount of thoughts, prayers, and donations going towards Japan. Starbucks donated $1.2 million. Swagbucks lets you turn your swag bucks into a donation. Lady Gaga has raised $250,000 in 48 hrs from the sales of her monster bracelets (I personally hope she matches whatever amount her bracelet makes). I see schools all over doing fundraisers to help raise money. Thoughts and prayers go to the nuclear plant workers who are risking their lives to protect their people and country. It made me sad when the news reported them as faceless heroes.

As always, you can still donate:
Canadian Red Cross

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar.16, 2011

Everyday my cat has a routine where she sits and stares out the window of the tv room. This morning, my sister had closed the door so she couldn't go in. She ended up going to the sliding glass door of our dining room and stared at the balcony wall for 10 min. wtf. I felt sorry for her and brought her to her usual spot by the window.

1. GlossyBoss is doing her first giveaway. Ends April 12, 2011.

2. UCLA girl rants away about Asians. I watched this after it was posted all over the place. Oh man this girl. She's had the wrath thrown down on her with the negative publicity and issued an apology. Questionable whether she would've apologized for it had she not been all over the news regarding racism, but Mszjackiechu raises interesting points about how this girl has probably ruined her life by uploading that video.

3. A 4 month old survives the Japan earthquake. I LOVE the picture.

4. Crew stops drunk pilots from flying... fail on the pilots part.

5. The beautiful and charitable Angelina Jolie makes a plea in Afghanistan.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 15, 2011

1. Watched Machete the other night. It's one of those wtf ridiculous movies but excessively violent scenes combined with a crazy plot made it an entertaining movie. Michelle Rodriguez was so hot in this movie. I love her. She's definitely in my top 10. If you see her in the trailer when she pops up around 2:08, that's my favourite part of the movie. I bet if I actually worked my butt off, my body would look toned like that. I also liked Jessica Alba's makeup in the movies. Lots of shimmery browns and eyeliner.

2. If you haven't seen it yet, here is the Sicko documentary by Michael Moore. I think it's terrifying. I know President Obama's made changes to the healthcare system but I've only lived in areas with universal healthcare so the whole idea of privatized healthcare is really unreal to me. It's sad to see people being denied healthcare like chemo because they can't afford it.

3. MyBestBeautyBuys is hosting a 100 subscribers giveaway. Ends March 31, 2011. Guess which one I want? Surprise, L'oreal voluminous mascara.

4. Dope2111 aka Promise Phan does Adriana Lima's makeup

Random Ramblings Mar. 14, 2011

I met up with my friend today and exchanged his Call of Duty Black Ops game for the black scarf I knitted which I posted in my last entry. Woot woot :) I hope he likes it!

1. Get ready in 5 minutes- Easy peasy lemon squeezy

2. Oh my... a three year old is treated for alcoholism :(

3. Hover above these before and after pictures of Japan to see how much damage the tsunami caused.

4. The beginning of my toque.

5. The dos and don'ts of police road checks- my favourite is when they tell you not to put pennies in your mouth. wtf haha. My favourite story is about when I got stopped at a road block on my way to work Sunday morning.

police officer: Have you been drinking today?
me: Uhm... isn't it 10 am?
police officer: Well sometimes I drink in the morning. Do you like to drink in the morning?
me: No! I don't drink.
police officer: Haha okay then. Have a nice day.

So random. I am 99% sure if I even tried drinking at 10 am, I would throw up. Ugh. The thought makes me nauseous.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 13, 2011

Honestly, how many social invitations have I turned down because I have no money? Sucks being unemployed.

1. Finished le scarf.

2. Watched a short documentary on Street Medicine in LA. They provide free healthcare for the homeless population.

3. I've been closely following the story of Baby Joseph, a 14 month old Toronto baby with a severe degenerative neurological disorder whose doctors wanted to pull his breathing tube. His family wanted a tracheotomy so baby Joseph can die peacefully at home. The doctors refused because it was invasive and wouldn't improve Joseph's condition and puts him at risk for pneumonia. Now, an American hospital has reached out to perform the tracheotomy.

4. There is a grave of dead woodbugs in my closet. There are so many that I turned my back and pretend they'll go away on their own.

5. Marlena, aka MakeupGeek, shares her tummy tuck experience. She's come a long way and worked hard to get to where she is now. She does fabulous makeup as well.

Sorry, if my blog entries lately have been a bit lackluster. Even though my relatives are safe, I've kept my eyes glued to the TV. My heart goes out to Japan.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 12, 2011

If you wish to help out Japan, you can donate to The Canadian Red Cross. I wish I could go volunteer and help with relief aid :(

1. I was reading forloveofretail's blog and she introduced me to the brand Chinese Laundry. I like the Trust Me suede boots and the Newbie slip suede.

2. I'm going start knitting a toque on Sunday. Woot woot. If I'm successful, I'm going to try knitting a beret. Except already in the beginning, I have no idea what the lingo means.

"Using No.7 needles cast on 8 sts.
1st row: Inc. one st. in every st. (16 sts)
2nd row and every alternate: p"

wtf. So I start with 8 and somehow add 16? Why don't i just start with 16 then?

3. Look at this awesome candle holder my bf's grandma gave me. I saw it in her washroom and complimented her on it. Then a week later, she gave her extra one as a gift! So sweet. That's my bf's travelocity gnome he won from a contest.

4.BakedinVancouver shares Skytrain Conversations. It is gold.

5. Devastating photos of Japan

Random Ramblings Mar. 11, 2011

The images of the Japan tsunami is breaking my heart. They think the death toll will be over 1000 people. I thank God that my relatives in Hawaii are okay and my relatives in Japan aren't in the danger zone, but the thought of the mass deaths and destruction like this makes me so sad. Japan's in my thoughts and prayers.

1. After seeing Global's 16:9 episode on anorexia, it reminded me of a documentary I watched at the Vancouver International Film Festival years ago with a friend. It is called Thin. It follows the story of four females and their treatment at Renfrew, an eating disorder residential facility in Florida.

2. Stalker Guilt Syndrome guy's such a creeper haha

3. 82 faces of Julia Roberts tattooed. wtf.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 10, 2011

Random fact: I am a jittery person. I will bounce, fidget, shake, quiver, tap my foot, bounce my leg, etc. I'm pretty sure it's amplified tenfold when I drink coffee.

1. Grabbed this month's issue of Cineplex Magazine featuring Emily Blunt

I think she's so pretty. I loved the makeup on her on the cover. Gold and plum colours on her eyes, apricot/peach blush, and pink stain on the lips. Very natural.

2. Check out the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 handbag collection. I've decided LV + yellow = ew.

3. Highmaintenancewoman- a fashion blogger from Vancouver

4. Rgratzvm- a fashion blogger who started following me on twitter

5. Asian American TV posted an article on white nerds who are Asian. I like the disclaimer at the top of the article. I personally don't agree with the article but I found it an interesting read nonetheless. I give props to people (guys or girls) who can immerse themselves into a culture and be able to have the diligence to learn and speak another language fluently. I wish I had that patience. Then I can be trilingual: English, Japanese, Filipino (well Tagalog and/or Ilocano). But alas, it's just English and poor Japanese for me. Another random fact: Japanese was my first language.... which I ended up losing :(

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 9, 2011

1. Am I the last person in the world to find out that Tuesday is cheap movie night at Silvercity? I got a gift card for my birthday and went to watch Adjustment Bureau (strange movie but enjoyable). It's $6.99 per adult! But total price gouging on food. $20 for 2 large drinks 1 large popcorn and candy. Are you effing kidding me?

2. Want some chocolate chips? Literally? Our homestay student brought this food back from Japan.

3. I was at the mall today and saw a hot pink shirt that was partially folded at the corner so I saw "I LOVE _OCK". What's the word that came to mind? I had to unfold the shirt to see... it was I love rock. hah.

4. Deep fried TimTams for the win? I think yes. If you haven't tried Tim Tams, they're these chocolate covered wafer cookies from Australia I believe. Delicious.

5. For my birthday, my bf got me Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare xbox game. My friend from school suggested the original but then I saw the dead version, watched the launch trailer on youtube and I was sold. Shooting and zombies. That's what I like.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back From My Hiatus

From the sounds of it, I think my computer is fried. RIP dear laptop. This is unfortunate as I was saving up for a digital camera... but I think I will try to scrape together some money to have a desktop computer. Luckily I had money set aside in case of emergency... does this suffice as an emergency?

Anyway.. things that's been happening lately.

1. I passed family clinical yay. We will see how my mental health rotation goes... I'm thinking maybe specializing in adolescent mental health.


I made a scarf for my friend's birthday


My friend knitted me a scarf :)


A scarf I'm knitting for my friend. He's giving me his CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS GAME in exchange. I'm so stoked

5. My bf's grandma taught me how to knit a toque. I'm super excited; I've been wanting to knit one for so long but youtube failed to provide me with a video that makes sense! My goal for spring break is to knit one.

6. Are you a germaphobe?- found this article googling because I wondered if it was germaphobic to wash my hands when I come home from the mall. Oh yeah, and there's fecal material on cushion seats in the San Fransisco transit system... wtf

7. Dying to be Thin- 16:9 on Global did an episode on anorexia & the new eating disorder residential center in BC. I can't believe it's the first one in the country.


My friends took me out for my birthday. I ♥ them. First drink I think in... over a year at least. I didn't get sick :) For the record, I only had one drink haha.