Saturday, March 16, 2013

Late Bloomer Makeover

In an ideal world, I wear sweatpants and a hoodie. I hate jeans. I like t-shirts. I think Hollister is fantastic. I was depressed to hear Hollister is aimed towards teens and early 20's. Although I highly admire ladies who dress to the nines, I feel unnatural when I do. I also hate trying on clothes and spending an absurd amount. $50 on a shirt or $100 on a dress? Uhm.. that's too much! But I am also near the end of my mid-twenties. The dress code for work is business casual. I have clothes in my closet/dresser that I've had for over 5 years. I finally have income flow now. I decided it was time for a fashion makeover. I enlisted the help of a couple friends. Prior to this, I attempted to clear out half  a third of my wardrobe to donate.

Then, we went on a shopping spree! I had a few requirements.

1) Stay within my $300 budget
2) No orange or green clothes
3) I wanted versatile pieces that I can use everyday

In exchange, I made the attempt to be open to different styles from my normal.

I don't have a full body mirror unfortunately but here are links to the pieces I bought :)

Apparently every girl should have a blazer

A cute versatile summer dress

This top really appealed to all of us. My bf thought we were joking when we said I bought a horse shirt.

I actually did want to add more blouses to my wardrobe

As soon as I grabbed this off the rack, my friends told me they're pretty sure I have this shirt already. Actually.... a lot of my "fancy" outfits are cowls. I like them! They conceded to me buying another one. 

Anyway, the cowl top I have is different haha. This one is from Sears. 

I first saw this dress on ShopwithJenna's (old) blog and totally fell in love with it. I couldn't justify the price back then. But I really do still love it so I splurged. 

I am planning on adding a few more blouses to my closet. I also finally figured out my dress size to be 4. I actually didn't know what size I was before. Shows you how often I buy dresses. 

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  1. Great purchase pieces!! I still need to find a blazer that I like on me... I don't think they suit my body type lol