Monday, February 4, 2013

Heroine Make Mascara Volume Review

My friend recently came back from Asia and gave me this souvenir! Very excited. We all know how much I love makeup. I find it's hard to get a hold of Japanese products unless I pay an atrocious amount for shipping. 

The wand is a brush on one side and a comb on the other. The instruction states to use the comb side to lift and brush to separate the lashes. I actually found the comb was better for separating. 

No mascara

Mascara and curl 

I really wanted to love this mascara but it's tricky to work with. 

- does not flake
- does not smudge
- it's lengthening rather than voluminizing (it advertise as a volume mascara) 
-the wand gives you two choices
-it's solid for the rest of the day (except...see below)

- I curl my lashes after I apply mascara. But I found out the formula is like cement. Once it sets, it sets like crazy glue. When I went to curl my lashes, they stuck to my curler :( So I couldn't curl as high as I normally do 
- Did I mention it's like cement? 
- I normally use lotion to remove my makeup but I could tell by my stiff lashes that this needs a heavy duty oil makeup remover. Unfortunately my mom threw mine out when she did her random cleaning sprees. I used olive oil but it was hard to remove. Even now after washing my face, my lashes still feel quite stiff 

So if you're looking for a long lasting solid mascara, this is quite good. I could see it great for special occasions or when I'm out all day. It'd definitely be fantastic once I figure out how to curl my lashes properly with this mascara. And buy another makeup remover. 

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  1. Heroine mascara? Is that a brand or an ingredient, lol!