Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ring Around the Rosie

I can't stop shopping. It's like the dam broke and there's no stopping it.

Before jumping to conclusions, it's not an engagement ring. I randomly hopped on eBay and checked out some rings. I bid on this cubic zirconia ring with 30 seconds left in the auction and won it for a whole $2! And it's a pretty solid band. Not something that would break if you sit on it. It will probably turn green on me but I like it so far haha.

I also ended up going to Sephora and bought the Benefit Dr.Feelgood complexion balm. It came to $39! But I tried to justify it with the fact that I do use an anti-shine product pretty much everyday and it should last me a year. Hopefully this one works as well as the Smashbox Anti-Shine. 

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