Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random Ramblings

I bought a bed! It's an OBUS Forme Nova mattress. Sears is awesome and gave me the deal that they had over the weekend. Although I saved $1000, the bed takes a good chunk out of my bank account. But it was needed and we'll consider it a long term investment. Like my friend pointed out, it's not like I buy beds often. And I'd definitely use it more than a pair of Loubotin or Jimmy Choo shoes hah. One day...

I have a job interview! Please send good thoughts my way. Much appreciated. I really really really want it.

Bath and Body Works has a new line of products and there's coconut and mango. It reminds me of my Escada perfume I used to wear before I went into nursing. If I get a job, I will buy these fruity lotions.

Thanks to my friend, I cut my own layers using How to: layered cut. It was super easy! I don't have the V because I was too chicken to cut the longest length, BUT I have different layers all around like I had wanted. It's a subtle change but I'm much happier with my hair now :)

One last thing, my lovely friend is selling me 2 pairs of knitting needles! I'm quite excited because I've gotten into the bad habit of starting multiple projects which tie up my knitting needles so this way... I can start more projects hah.

A cute seal my bf got me for Christmas.

My dog enjoying the snow. He loves it and would sleep in it if he could. 

Random stories for the day:

1. How Doctors Die- My preceptor posted this and I really enjoyed the article. It's a different perspective on death and dying.

2. Phil's story of being HIV Positive

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