Sunday, January 13, 2013

Makeup Collection (4/365)

My friend requested a blog post of my current makeup collection so here it is. I've most likely reviewed most of these products at some point in the past. 

I only wear foundation when I go out for special occasions. The black box with white paste is Smashbox Anti-Shine compact and it works great for preventing shine on my T-zone. Too bad it's discontinued and I'm running out :(

Eyeliners (pencil, kohl, liquid, gel)
I actually just use the brown Maybelline Express liner for the brush to set my kohl liner with black eyeshadow. 

I'm a fan of voluminizing mascaras
Side note: Shu Uemura- Best eyelash curler EVER

My friend asked what I use for eyebrows so I thought I'd include this. Black eyeshadow (Avon) and MAC 212 (I think) flat brush. 
To groom my eyebrows, I use Revlon tweezers, some cheap scissors I got free from a Q-Tip box, and Ecotools lash and brow groomer. I use the comb for my mascara sometimes if my eyelashes are too clumpy.

Nothing fancy. I only use lip balms and typically just use one till I run out. Current favourite brand is EOS.


Side note: I also use the blushes in my palettes

Bronzers and highlighters


Brushes (left to right)
concealer, foundation, blush, bronzner, kabuki, gel liner, eyebrow, eye smudger (for under eyes)

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  1. Where did you get the eyeshadow pallete? Do you add water to it? I love your collection thank you!!