Monday, January 21, 2013

Kiehl's Free Samples

A couple weeks ago, I wandered into Kiehl's looking for a new face wash since mine was running out. The lady there was super helpful and didn't pressure me to buy anything. Instead, she gave me free samples! The one I was really interested in was the Ultra Facial oil-free cleanser. I liked that it felt it pulled out dirt and grime from my face. The one sad thing about samples is that it's one time use (two if you want to stretch it out) so it's hard to gauge my skin's reaction to it long term. One time, I bought St. Ives Green Tea Clear green tea cleanser. It was fine at first... then suddenly skin went south and I broke out everywhere and my skin was rashy and ugly. I'm pretty sure it was the stupid salicylic acid so I definitely stay away from that. 

Anyway, I went back today and was pleased to find out they have a small 75ml bottle and large 150ml bottle. I opted for the smaller one. While the lady was ringing me up, she offered me more samples! And stuff for my boyfriend too! Also, they were out of bags so I got my stuff in a makeup bag. Yay for free stuff!

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