Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I've done 500 posts! (7/365)

Actually, I'm past 500! I totally didn't even notice missing my milestone. *Throws confetti*

me (to boyfriend): I'm going for my interview now! How do I look? 
boyfriend: You look like someone who tried to cut her own hair. 

Hmph. Anyway, I think my interview went.. okay. I say okay because I could say it went well then it'd be uber disappointing not to get it. So we will leave it in the middle and see how it goes. I'm also doing that horrible thing where I go over the interview and think of waay better answers! Don't you hate that?  

I want to buy the above shoes! The soles of my daily running shoes are falling apart so I need new ones. These are so cute. Athletes World at Metrotown is closing down so they have a sale. These would only be ~$90 with tax included. I do have another pair of runners that I use in the hospital...  If I end up getting a job outside the hospital, then I can Lysol wipe them down and use them for my daily runners? I, of course, cavi-wiped them down very well on my last day of preceptorship. They're only a month old and cost me like $130 or something so it'd be a huge waste not to wear them.

We'll see... I really need to stop spending money as I have no flow of income. 

Talking about spending money, I'm going to Dine Out Vancouver. It's when restaurants all over Vancouver take part in doing set course meals ($18, $28, $38 menus). I know, royal fail at not spending money. My boyfriend and I have always wanted to try it out but usually never had money when the time came. A group of my friends are doing it. We're going to a high end place so I will definitely blog about it!

Also, more money talk. I got an email to re-new my nursing license before March 1. This is really depressing because it's going to cost almost $500. Only a few months ago, I had paid for a half year provisional license to practice before my exam (even thought it was really 3 months) anticipating I might start work at the beginning of this year. C'est la vie.. my new nursing life. 

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