Monday, January 14, 2013

I Got a Stupid Haircut (5/365)

So peeved.

My dad and bf found this whole thing entertaining as they told me that going to a cheap hairdresser was the same as going to an expensive one. I tried out a new place and the haircut ended up costing $55 and I'm super disappointed with it. I was all gung ho about getting a V shape haircut with layers since my hair was entering the long stage. In the past, I learned that hairdressers either knew how to cut this style, or they didn't. This hairdresser clearly didn't. I even showed her the pictures of what I wanted! Plus she cut like 2 or 3 inches :( She also changed my hair part down the middle and I normally have it to the side. I would've said something but I couldn't wear my contacts that day so the haircut was blind while I had my glasses off. When I got home, I changed the part back to the side and trimmed the front so it's even. I'm REALLY tempted to cut the rest of it myself using Rosebud143 How to cut your hair tutorial but my bf convinced me against it (again).

I wish my old hairdresser was still living here. I'm not getting a haircut for another year now.

The only good thing about it is that it looks good in a ponytail. And I guess it's okay from the front.

Not a V :(. 

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  1. awww... I'm super picky about my hair as well and I ONLY go to hairdressers that I trust!! I would have cried if I were you! It looks good though and don't worry, your hair will grow out in no time ;)