Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Got a Nursing Job!

I didn't blog yesterday so I fell off the 365 days of blogging already. Oh well.

After days of checking my phone obsessively and waking up super anxious for days, I got a phone call Tuesday morning. It was the team leader for the unit. He started off the conversation with "How did you think you did on the job interview?" I was thinking to myself Oh god, he's trying to soften the blow before he turns me down. I rambled saying I thought I did okay but when I got home, I came up with better answers. He laughed and said that they thought I did really well and offered me a temporary full time line!! I was so stoked. They even offered me a start date of next month so I can focus studying for my exam.

I can finally call myself a nurse!!

I ended up going to the mall to treat myself. Remember I was going to go to Bath and Body Works and get their new line of tropical lotions? My bf pointed to my bedside table full of lotions and made the obvious point that I ALREADY have lotions. And it's true. I have natural coconut oil and mango body butter. So I thought I'd buy makeup. Smashbox discontinued my Anti-Shine but the makeup artist at Shoppers said Benefit makes a similar product called Dr.Feelgood for $35. But I will hold off on that till I fully finish my Anti-Shine product.

Then... I remembered I wanted a bigger curling iron! I got this one from Sears. It was on sale for 20% off so only $20. It's a nice fat curling iron to make nice fat curls. I'm excited. The reviews online look good. I will definitely blog about it... I'm just not sure if my hair is currently long enough. Even when I curled my hair the other night with my 1 inch curling iron, I was having some issues with my shorter layers. We will see!


  1. Congrats!! That is so exciting. Let me know how that curling iron works! I want to curl my hair more often..I usually just leave it straight but it can be boring sometimes..

  2. Do a youtube video on how to curl hair lol! I'll watch yours for sure ;)