Friday, January 25, 2013

Beige Pumps Galore

My best friend has asked me to buy beige pumps for her wedding. I happily obliged as I don't have a beige pair in my shoe collection. There are so many choices out there! I was looking at a row of beige pumps at the shoe store thinking they all look the same. Along with the fact there's different shades of beige!

If I was filthy rich....

Side story. My friend and I told ourselves that once we finish nursing school, we are totally buying Louboutins. I ended up not and spent money on Italian lessons instead. But I really do dream of owning a pair of Loubs. I think when that day comes, my first pair will be classic black. Also, another side story, I am storing money away in a Louboutin fund. I read this thing online where you start in the first week of the year with $1, then $2 for 2nd week, etc. By the 52nd week, you should have $1300 or so. Hopefully I can treat myself at Christmas time! 

There's also these cute Jimmy Choos. I hear Jimmy Choos are known for their comfort which is right up my alley. But I have a low pain tolerance so I'd probably die anyway. 

But that's in dream world. In reality, it would be one these ones below... 

Aldo Stever is on sale right now. They were fairly comfortable. But they're more tan beige. And shiny leather... I'm not a fan of it. 

Aldo Kenzie was recommended to me by the sales girl. It's a light beige that would be perfect for the wedding. They were fairly comfortable when I walked around in the store and the platform helps alleviate the heel height.. plus it's not that high to begin with. But it's $70. 

I'm also keeping my eye on this pair of Chinese Laundry Whistle on eBay. But it'd be also around $70. 

We'll see... I know Aldo does go on sale often so I could wait for the Aldo Kenzie. Or just snag the Chinese Laundry pair because it selling at a good price compared to the original. Or I wait and see what summer has in store for beige pumps.

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  1. You can't go wrong with a pair of classic beige pumps! Love all your picks.

    Alexandra xo