Friday, December 21, 2012

Why Herro There

Apparently, I haven't blogged since the summer.

Literally, my whole energy has been thrown into my nursing preceptorship. Working out went out of the window although I felt like I ran a marathon after each 12 hr shift.  I spent my days off either sleeping or working on a paper. When I first went into preceptorship, I thought I had the basic nursing foundation. It turned out there was another huge learning curve. A lot of it was time management, anticipating care, knowing when to delegate, and knowing when to question the doctors.  Everyday I learned something new.

All that hard work paid off because I passed nursing school!! I'm officially done! 

I had one job interview so far. I have my provisional license. I have my nursing exam next in February. I am almost a nurse :)

Meanwhile, I've been going shopping... a lot =X I bought makeup which I will do a separate entry for. I bought all 5 levels of Rosetta Stone in Italian. I had a patient who was Italian and his family joked around saying they will teach me if I had the patient again. Unfortunately I didn't but it instilled my passion to learn it. So far I'm enjoying it. The verb conjugation is coming back and I'm picking up the vocab faster. Il gatto mangia la mele. The cat is eating an apple.

I also have a stack of books that is waiting to be read.

I did 8 years straight of school. I am so excited to finally start a career.

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