Friday, December 28, 2012

Wavy Hair, Coffee Eyes, and Makeup Organization

I went shopping today and bought a new blush which I will blog about next! I accidentally bought it with my visa instead of my gift card. Whoops. I could return it but I guess I could also buy something else later.

This morning I watched StyleSuzi "My Everyday Hair Waves" tutorial. I haven't curled my hair with a flat iron in years so I thought I'd give it a try. Within 30 seconds, I remembered why it's been years.  I just feel like I have less control than with my curling iron. I set it with salt water and ran my fingers through. I pretend it's that messy wavy look (but really, it's just straight up messy).

Wore a simple neutral look today. Cream coloured eyeshadow on my lids and brown on the crease. I find it makes my eyeliner stand out. 

So, I'm not sure if I posted about this, but I don't have a place to do my makeup. I set up camp in the basement suite kitchen. I'm between the washing machine and the sink. It's really ghetto. My mom got tired of my mess so she bought me a makeup organizer so it looks somewhat better on the counter. 

Cozying it up with laundry products. Makeup brushes in the back, main makeup in the organizer and bigger eyeshadow palettes in the kitchen drawer underneath (not shown). 

Eyes and face makeup. The thread is for threading. I only use chapstick on my lips. 
(Oop I just noticed I forgot to put my foundation in the drawer. I'm still using LA Minerals Valley Girl). 

Blushes and bronzers. I do have more blushes in my palettes. Since NARS and MAC are so expensive, I make sure I buy something I will use frequently. I like to consider it as investing wisely.  

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  1. Wow your cat eye is so perfect! Love the hair too :)

    Alexandra xo