Saturday, December 29, 2012

NARS Exhibit A Review

NARS Exhibit A e molto rosso!
NARS Exhibit A is very red!

The first time I saw this blush, I thought to myself what.the.F-. This blush is definitely outside my style. But then it became more intriguing the more I saw it. It looks like clown makeup on the pan but completely different on the face! The makeup artist tried it on me. She was a bit heavy handed unfortunately but once she toned it down with powder (and I blotted away the access), it was a rich warm red tone to my cheeks comparable to Snow White's cheeks. It reminds of the natural glow I have to my cheeks after coming inside on a cold day. I definitely would suggest that if one were to wear this blush, to keep the eye makeup really neutral. It's extremely pigmented. I wouldn't recommend it for people with red blotchy skin because it will definitely bring out that redness. Also, maybe not for beginners. Even for myself I found I needed to be more careful with the application.

Trying out the "Soft Skin" feature on my camera haha. How does it look? I think it makes me look too pale. Also I apologize for the bad lighting in my photos. It's been dark and gloomy in Vancouver and thus, my house is dark and gloomy on the inside.