Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Buon Natale

Merry Christmas! I hope everybody had a wonderful one. Mine was spent with my family and le bf's. It was great to spend it with people you love :)

My cat sleeping on presents. Then hid for 9 hours when my nephews and niece came over. 

After I wrote the entry the other day, I did end up putting on more makeup.

Christmas Eve Makeup 
Eyes: light and dark taupe eyeshadow on the lids and lower lashline. Black liquid liner (L'oreal lineur intense) on the top, black kohl liner (MAC) on the bottom
Cheeks: MAC gold deposit mineralized skin finish

Eek. The lighting in my room is really dark. 
Christmas makeup 
Eyes: lengthening (Maybelline Stiletto) + voluminizing mascara (Rimmel Max Volume), liquid liner (L'oreal lineur intense) 
Cheeks:  NARS Luster 

I'm already planning on what to do for 2013. It will be different. It will be my first time in 8 years not being a student.Also, now that Christmas is over, I have no excuse. Time to start studying for the nursing exam.  I probably will hop back on the exercise bandwagon... my cousin asked me why I stopped doing Insanity. He's on his 4th go at the exercise regime. I really should make it part of my lifestyle. Dust off the ol' exercise blog haha.

In somewhat relevant news, I got a gift card to the mall. What to get? Makeup? :)

Snapped this photo from the Chatelaine magazine. I LOVE this look. I like the simple long lashes, rosy cheeks, and the knitted sweater. 

You know what else is great?

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