Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in a Nutshell

Some say that this year flew by. For me, it felt like the longest year of my life! Here are 10 things that happened in 2012.

1. I experienced the wonderful world of of community nursing. It was parallel to my own beliefs of patient- centered and holistic care that I found was difficult (at times) in the high pace of the hospital. It is something I hope to go into in the future.

2. During my community rotation, I was introduced to a society who helps the city's homeless/at risk population. I enjoyed it so much that I now volunteer with them for special events.

3. I tried to make an effort at working out and started my Gillybean604workout blog. I attempted Insanity (which I didn't finish). I attempted running (sadly, didn't achieve 5km like I had hoped). I fell off the bandwagon as soon as preceptorship started.

4. I went to Oahu, Hawaii. Despite the fact I rarely get sick, I caught a respiratory infection and needed antibiotics. Yay for travel insurance. I saw family. It was wonderful.

5. I went to Vancouver Island to visit my best friend and see her baby. I pretend she's my own blond hair blued eyed baby. Most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. 

6. My dog suddenly couldn't walk. I was terrified I would have to put him down. Several months, some $2000, getting referred to a specialist, arguing with pet insurance, my dog was treated. My dog had a CCL surgery a couple years ago. The vet ran labs but didn't find anything. The specialist re-did everything and found an infection. Because the CCL surgery from 2 years ago involved inserting an artificial implant (or something), pet insurance argued that's what caused the acute infection. They refused to foot the bill. I was pissed.  But the specialist was amazing and my dog is walking again. Sadly, the specialist suspects my dog has an unstable knee joint that could go at any time. But we'll cross that hurdle when it comes. 

7. My bf's parents came over to my house for the first time!

8. I saw Ed Sheeran live in concert. He was AMAZING. 

9. I did my nursing preceptorship in the hospital and experienced full time shift work for 4 months. I learned what occurs during graveyard shift (I don't think I ever had a night when all my patients slept!). I saw several code blues. I experienced patients passing away and emergencies. I lost weight from the stress and was exhausted all the time. But it was all worth it. 

10. Completed my BSc. in Nursing. If someone told me years ago that I would complete a bachelors of science, I never would've believed it. 

2013 will be a year of transition from being a student to having a career. 

Happy new years! 

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