Monday, August 6, 2012

Gastown Food Tour

My bf's parents treated us to Gastown Walking Food Tour. I was pretty excited because 1) I rarely go to Gastown 2) Food. What more can you ask for? We found the deal through Groupon. I love food tours because it gives me a chance to try out different restaurants. Also we got coupons for the places we went to.  Would've been nice if they gave more food (but that is me). It was fun and I'd recommend it. Plus you get to learn some history about Vancouver. I learned you can't build new property in Gastown. Did you know that?

Lobster mac n cheese

Steamworks beer- I tried a few sips but beer is definitely not my thing. I think it was raspberry. 

We got to try chocolate. Then I deleted the picture by accident whoops :( I ended up going back here to get an ice cream bar which was amazing and so delicious. 

Maple Delight- tried different syrups and spreads which I wasn't too keen on. But they had ice cream there!

Brioche- tortellini? 

Water St. Cafe- Crab cake

Peckinpah- Pulled Pork

Après-midi- tea and cookie (my memory is failing me. raspberry?)

Key Lime Cheesecake
We ended up going back here for coffee which was good and decently priced. 

Gassy Jack our tour guide

I did not realize the clock made sounds! I was so fascinated. Too bad about the back light. And the person behind me hmph.  

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  1. hey girl! yes, i'm pretty sure we do follow each other on twitter. i'm both @herrohachi and @kymbantan on twitter! always nice to meet other fellow vancouverites :D