Saturday, July 7, 2012

Warm 50th Wedding Anniversary

I went to a 50th wedding anniversary event. I'm always amazed when couples celebrate their 50th. I loved how they did everything. It was beautiful.

They had pretty glass stones scattered across the table. The tablecloths were lined with accent colour table runners. 

Instead of the usual numerical numbered tables, each table represented a number that was significant in their lives. 

Giant vases with glass stones at the bottom, water, hydrangeas and a Siamese fighting fish! Apparently they owned them already. I want a fish now. The couple beside me told me they're the easiest fish to raise. 

Cupcakes and their original cake topper from 1962!

A very cool Sears catalogue from 1953. There were fur coats there for $400! That's crazy considering in 1962 the minimum wage was around $1.25.

The new proposed RCMP headquarters It is ginourmous. 

My cat on a warm Saturday afternoon.

Afterwards, my bf and I went to play basketball. Enjoy the sunshine while we can. I lost 2 rounds of HORSE and lost 7-0 playing 1:1. I am the most uncoordinated person when it comes to sports. 

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