Friday, June 15, 2012

My TV is Dying a Slow Death

Brownie points to those who recognize this show. This is accurate to how blotchy colours look. 

This one's a glimpse of Mad Men. Look how horrible the background looks. 

I'm pretty upset that it looks like my tv is dying. I bought the TV 5 years ago and it's the biggest purchase I ever made. I saved up for it. It's my pride and joy. It's a Toshiba LCD flatscreen and now it's showing purple yellow splotches on bright colours (especially white) and even progressing to people's faces today. I googled it and it sounds like the LCD panel is failing. Was not planning on making any big purchases considering we just came back from vacation. At least TV's are cheaper than it used to be... I'm hoping it'll survive a few more months but we'll see :( 

In another news, I did some cardio today and got my heart rate up to 128. It was a good 45 mins and got a bit of a tan out of it. Hooray. 

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