Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mini Japan in Honolulu/Waikiki

Waikiki is filled with the language of Japanese. The signs are in Japanese. Everybody speaks Japanese. I'm not just talking about the tourists. Salespeople behind the counter speak Japanese. There are buses and trolleys catered to the Japanese. The stores accept Japanese yen. If you were Japanese and couldn't speak English, and was put in the middle of Waikiki and told to find your way back to Japan, within two hours, you'd be at the airport. No lies.

One day, I was in the laundry room and there was a guy who started chatting it up. He looked like a surfer. Long blond hair and a goatee. When we got into the elevator, he started speaking fluent Japanese to his roommate. I don't know why I found it amazing, considering that I was already aware everyone pretty much speaks Japanese, but I did. I asked him how he learned. He said he lived in Japan for several years. He's retired now but he was a translator for the Navy and was fluent in five languages. Incredible.

Found this awesome place at Ala Moana called Shirokiya. I felt like I was transported to Japan. So many different kinds of Japanese foods. The overhead speakers and everybody around me spoke in Japanese. 

Takoyaki yay! My favourite. Octopus in battered balls. 

Found a yummy frozen yogurt place inside where we could pour our own. This was honeydew and strawberry. 

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  1. Honeydew isn't always my favorite melon, but, combine it with strawberry in the form of froyo? I'm in!

    I would also be impressed with the languages... I always feel so inadequate when surrounded by bilinguals.