Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hawaii: Shopping Haul

There are sooo many sales! But before I get into it, I want to talk about my stupid throat. I got sick this week. I'm feeling better now but my throat is still horrible! My voice is so hoarse and ugly. I had a guy step away from me because I had a coughing fit. The past 3 nights I've woken up coughing. My throat is so swollen. I've tried everything. Hot water with ginger and honey, lots of water (bought a 24 pack 3 days ago and there's 5 bottles left), salt water gurgle, cough drops, cough syrup (finished the whole bottle), found cough drops with Benzocaine which worked for a whole 15 mins, ice cream, and cold and nasal decongestants (there's a slight pressure in my ears and my brain feels like it's bleeding after my coughing fits). Will try Nyquil ($11! wtf) tonight and get a good nights sleep. I don't think I'm contagious any more though...aren't people mostly contagious just prior to showing the full blown symptoms? Can't remember right now.

Check out my awesome Hawaii trucker hat. There's a cute kid with an afro in the middle. Alter Ego $20
AND I GOT MY RAY BANS! $203. Not going to lie. Feeling uber guilty about buying something for that much. I can't remember the last time I spent that much. Well except my glasses but I actually need those.  

bebe tank top $12

bebe sweater dress $5 (such a good deal right??). I'm such a geek. Go to Hawaii and managed to find a sweater dress. 

left khaki shorts: Guess $28
Bottom khaki shorts and right black shorts: Forever 21: $15 each

Rip Curl: $17.50

Random Hawaiian dress: $15

Guess Tank top: $16

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  1. nice haul! Those sunglasses, though, oi! The price is worth it for a great pair, though :D