Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 1 Goal: Get my heart rate up for 30 mins

A long time ago, I read someone's blog who said she was happy with the way her body feels. She was committed to a healthy lifestyle. I am comfortable with my body. But years of carb loving and junkfood with no exercise has resulted in a flabby stomach. I tried ab exercises. When I was in Hawaii, hours of walking started chipping away at the flab and I could start feeling the muscle underneath. But now I'm back home and back to my sloth lifestyle. I was feeling like mush yesterday after eating hot dog, fries, pop... uhm... plus a rice krispie square and chocolate cookie thrown in there. And so I decided I was going to do it. I was going to exercise. I want to be healthier. 

You know what the hardest part for me is? The initial hump of feeling like I'm going to faint and throw up when I first start exercising. It's enough of a deterrent for me. 

A friend on facebook is doing a 3 month challenge. I decided to make up my own exercise regime. The simple rule is everyday you set a health goal for yourself. I read online that if you want to exercise in the morning, it's preference as to whether you can exercise with or without breakfast. I always cramp if I exercise after eating so I decided to try without breakfast today.

Here is my train of thought following the next 35 minutes. 

Took the towel off the elliptical and cleared the area around it. 
I am totally doing this. Surprised my elliptical still works after years of non-usage. Annoyed at my bf that he was watching the soccer game with Spain vs. Ireland. I wanted to watch Valentine's Day. 
1:00-2:00- adjusted the resistance of my elliptical. Bf suggested I do 2 minutes of regular pace and 1 minute of increased 
2:00-7:00- I am doing this! I'm actually exercising! 
8:00- stop to drink water. felt nauseous and lightheaded. Went to lay down. With a history of fainting, I didn't want to take the risk. Heart rate: 72-84. I swear it was irregular. 
8:00-14:00- Eff the alternate pace. Just go at my own regular pace and build my stamina. 
14:00- drink water. Light headed again. Went to lay down. Heart rate 104. 
14:00-22:00- Pretended I was one of those fit soccer players running back and forth. God soccer is boring. I'm sorry. 
23:00 - 7 more minutes. seriously? 
30:00 - I did it!!!!! Drank the rest of my water. Light headed. Laid down. heart rate 122. 
35:00- Paced around the room and stretched. Feeling extremely extremely nauseous. 
36:00- In the bathroom with my water coming back up. I am so weak sauce seriously. I am ridiculously out of shape. At least I didn't black out this time (last time I went running years ago, I was on the sidewalk with my head between my knees as black stars filled my vision). 

And there you have it. Day 1 of exercise. Goal achieved! And I got over that initial hump! hah. I probably would benefit from eating breakfast prior to working out. Will try that next time. Or it might come back up with the water. 

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