Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Decided to Teach Myself Italian

This is debatable. But I did learn to knit off youtube so maybe I can learn a new language. I flipped through my Italian textbook from university and understood the first several pages so that's somewhat promising. But due to the fact I quit French in Grade 8, this whole masculine and feminine language and changing verbs is hard for me to grasp. And plus I have no one to speak Italian to :( We'll see with my limited attention span. That's what I was doing yesterday.

Also I'm debating if  I should change my blog to make it more personal instead of posting random links. I'll think about it.

1. Imagine an underground New York Park

2. wtf... Human flesh pills on the rise (BBC video)

3. Facebook tip helps diagnose baby

4. Research shows psychopaths have different brains than others

5. Looking at wages in BC 2035

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