Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hawaii: Strangers, Sunburn & Stuff

We spent around 7 hrs walking around today. My legs are going to fall off.

You know what I love about Hawaii? That there are so many different people coming together in one place. Mostly, I hear Japanese which makes me feel at home, but my ears are also picking up different accents. While I was waiting in line at Walmart, a couple turned around and asked me if I lived here (did I get mistaken for a local?? I wish!). They wanted to know about buying a cellphone while on vacation. I shared with them that I was from Canada. They told me they were from Australia. I ended up bumping into them again at the liquor aisle. We joked around we already have things in common: using cellphones and drinking. They were lovely. 

While my bf and I were walking along the beach, a guy collecting bottles approached us and started chatting. He was a slender build with tanned leathery skin. He looked older than his age. A white beard covered his face. He was wearing army coloured shorts and was shirtless. He told us he retired 12 years ago. I asked him where he was from and he said Alaska. But he came here because Alaska was too hard on his arthritis. I love hearing people's stories when they're willing to share them. My bf told me to stop talking to homeless people hah. 

Prior to going on my trip, I was at Superstore buying sunscreen. I looked at the face moisturizers that were SPF45+ and they were all over $15! I ended up just buying regular 45+ sunscreen and decided my face moisturizer with SFP 15 would suffice. Anyway, I'm dealing with the consequences now because I burned my face. I'm red on my T zone which is really unfortunate. I'm going to have to go out and buy sunscreen now. 

Also, my vacation diet is already wreaking havoc on my body. For the past two days I've eaten meat and carbs. I'm slightly concerned about the fact that I'm barely going to the bathroom. However, I'm sweating in this heat and I'm probably not drinking enough water. That makes sense right? Anyway, we lugged a 24 pack of bottled water to our condo so now I have a consistent supply. 

I kind of forgot to take pictures today.

At the International Market Place

Night view from condo


  1. Do you have noxema? The original formula will stop the burning. Sunburns often continue to damage and burn for a few hours after you're out of the sun, but the menthol in noxema stops it right away so it doesn't get any worse.

    ..according to my grandma..

    who is a genius. me..

    Anyway :) I've tried it and it worked wonders. I didn't peel or blister at all the last few times I got burned. (Now I'm better about my sunscreen)