Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hawaii: Paradise Cove Luau

We were treated to the Paradise Cove Luau today. It was a great experience for Hawaii. The host Tianni was so gracious. She memorized everybody's name! She liked to sing "Every kiss begins with K" when she said my name. haha. Here are the pictures.

Shower of flowers from a guy who climbed the tree

Imu ceremony

Sunset at Paradise Cove

The performers were the best part of the whole thing. They were amazing and incredibly gorgeous.

From the camera of my friend. Her camera definitely has a better zoom feature than mine. 

The silver dancer was moving so fast my camera couldn't catch her. Her hips were amaaazing. Regretfully, I was so obsessed with getting a good picture I missed a good chunk of it. I need to stop doing that.


  1. WOW! That looks incredible!!!

    I love the flower shower!

  2. omg i'm so jealous that you're in hawaii right now!! the lantern festival looks amazing i wish i was there for that. the food pictures look deliciosu too!! you look good in all the pics!