Monday, May 21, 2012

Hawaii: Hole in the Wall Food Tour

Today we did the Hole in the Wall Hawaii Food Tour. This will be a post about food. I highly recommend the tour. Jess and Mike were awesome.

Manapua's. Like Chinese steamed buns but instead of the white dough, it's a sweet Hawaiian bun. The flavour I got was coconut.  
Royal Kitchen
Chinatown Cultural Plaza
100 North Beretania St.

Half moon Pepeiao dumplings 
Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery 1027 Maunakea St

My favourite: Rice Noodles
Ying Leong Look Funn Factory - 1028 Kekaulike St. 
BBQ Chicken from Jackie's Kitchen inside the Maunakea Marketplace food court

Apple bananas and coconut dessert
Rainbow Tea Stop in Chinatown

Hawaii isn't Hawaii without musubi, ahi tuna poke, and pineapple (the one on the left has Li Hing powder)

Heart of Chinatown. Certain aspects of it reminded me of Vancouver's Chinatown. However, the one in Honolulu is definitely a lot cleaner. 

 Mmmm.... lychee and mango

This is so delicious. It's ice cream enveloped in mochi (a gooey glutinous rice cake)

If you go to Hawaii, you must try these malasadas. Warm soft Portuguese donuts rolled in sugar. These ones are stuffed full of chocolate pudding. 


  1. what on earth is an apple banana? I'm allergic to bananas so I won't ever be able to try one but I am curious nonetheless!