Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hawaii: The Heat is Getting to Me

My body still hasn't quite adapted to the humidity and warmth here. I'm feeling pretty exhausted. My bf told me I'm going through the water too fast but I can't help it.

I saw a mom pick up a finicky toddler and walk away. I noticed the toddler was making unhappy noises and pointing to something. I looked in that direction and saw a teeny tiny sandal on the sidewalk. I picked it up and ran after the mom to return it. She was appreciative. Don't underestimate toddlers haha. So cute.

If you go to Oahu, you must try Hula Dogs. They used to be known as Puka Dogs. We go here every time we come to visit. My bf went in to order one. The guy inside said the owners split. One took the store, the other took the name to a different island. Hence, it is now called Hula Dogs. They put a hole in a bun, fill it with a Polish sausage, and cover it with a wonderful lemon garlic secret sauce and your condiments of choice (they have different ones like pineapple or mango relish). It's delicious. 

Waikiki Beach. I still haven't gotten a chance to touch the water yet!

Feral cat? Maybe a hotel cat 

Not sure if you can see but there are blue zebra coloured fish! Well that's what I'm calling them. 

Penguin smiling for the camera

Found the Jollibee in Hawaii! Sadly, they only had chicken, burgers, and spaghetti. I wanted Palabok :( 

Hawaii convention Centre

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