Friday, May 18, 2012

Hawaii: Flight and condo

I will take you with me on vacation by blogging about it :)

You know how one of the biggest worries on an airplane is to be stuck with a screaming baby/child? Well, my flight one upped that with a loud bridal shower of 20. Good grief these girls were loud. They were taking pictures in the aisle as the crew was preparing for take off. They had to be told repeatedly to tone it down and stay in their seats while the seatbelt sign was on. The crew was looking slightly frazzled. But all things considered, the crew was calm the whole trip and gave amazing service. My patience was wearing down a bit. Maybe from lack of sleep.

Complimentary Mai Tai's :)
I was apprehensive about drinking on the plane after having a family member pass out previously. It turned out okay. I had a mild headache and lightheadedness after. Enough to deter me from trying to drink any other tropical drinks for the rest of the evening.

I'm not sure what happened but we had to book 1 night in a hotel then move into a condo for the remainder of our stay. It was kind of a hassle but the hotel room was clean and comfortable. 

However.... we just got into our condo now and check out this incredible view. 

Thank god for internet access. The hotel room didn't have any and I was worried about how I was going to do my homework.

Oh homework. Why do you bring me down.

Anywhos, there will be many pictures to come.

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  1. woo hoo! have fun. Can't wait for more pics. that panoramic is awesome.