Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Flop

I was hoping this Spring Break would be nice and relaxing.... except it was physically exhausting. My parents decided to renovate upstairs which mostly explains why I haven't really been online. Since renovations started at 9am, it was impossible to sleep in with the drilling, hammering, and front door slamming continuously. I helped my parents move furniture and boxes. Turns out we have tons of junk in our house. I swear there's at least 80 boxes. I'm trying to convince my mom that this is a good time for a Spring purge. And now that the house is done renovations, I get to go back to school.

My dad said the head was creepy

I spent 6 hours untangling that yarn from the last entry. Finally, I ended up rolling up the entire ball again and cutting it. I hate joining yarn but what can you do.  I managed to finish a cream infinity scarf by knitting at night.

1. UK study reveals WHO breastfeeding guidelines make mothers feel guilty

2. There is an exotic cat in Langley wandering around lost.

3. Texas mother given 5 years probation for spanking child- I find the comments people have posted also an interesting read.

4. Adopted dog runs away and returns to shelter

5. thisiswhyyourefat

6. BC man charged with beastality... wow. Found this article and it's almost a month old. I wonder if he actually got jailed.

7. Haha I thought this was pretty clever Coca-Cola: Open Happiness in Vancouver- a SFU marketing project video

8. Jury finds ex-Rutgers student guilty in webcam spying case - I remembering reading about this sad case.

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