Saturday, March 24, 2012

My blog is Canadian now

So apparently my blog is Canadian judging by the .ca at the end. Hooray.

Nothing much has been going on. I have some pictures of my pets. That's about it. I'm halfway through knitting a cream cowl. I'm drowning in papers. Nursing papers will be the death of me.

My dog and his handsome new rain coat that my sister bought for winter

My cat doesn't care that people will trip over her

Cat made herself comfortable on the new floor

1. I am currently obsessed with this eagle cam- the eggs are supposed to hatch today. 

2. I am now on pinterest. you can find me at - I use it mostly for wedding dresses and finding recipes that fulfil my gluttony 

3. The Rise and Fall of Online Empires- I started out with aol and myspace. How things have changed. 

4. Krokodil: the drug that eats junkies- my bf learned about this type of home-made desomorphine through a guest speaker about drugs and showed me some gruesome pictures of flesh that's been eaten away. But this link doesn't show any wound pictures. 

5. My friend shared with me a sweet story about Bethany and Ryan's wedding

6. MAC shows how to create a classic eyeliner look- they make it look so easy to use gel liner

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  1. Aw what a cutie! Loved seeing my doggy enjoying the sun too, it's funny how they totally get excited about it as well!

    Alexandra xo