Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Miss This

Came across this picture while cleaning the photo cupboard. It was taken 5 years ago (like my orange hair? haha faded from red). That was the year I decided to take up running. This was a pretty unnatural move on my part because I don't exercise. But I did. I found myself a running buddy and off we went. The first time, I nearly threw up/passed out after 1/2 lap around the track. Pathetic. But then I had the motivation and decided to keep going at it. I got past that initial hurdle and actually started enjoying myself after several months. I was probably in the best shape of my life. Then my family went to Japan and I questioned whether I would keep up with it. And I did. It was AMAZING. There was something absolutely tranquil about running in the countryside. I ran past the rice fields, old Japanese style homes, and rolling green mountains. The scenery was so beautiful. Mix in the endorphins and I was in heaven. 

But then I eventually stopped running. I had run for around 8 months. I traded running for clubbing. Psychology for Business (very bad idea). I slowly reverted back to an unhealthy lifestyle. And 5 years later, here I am. 

Now I'm literally sedentary. Walking up four flights of stairs is an achievement. I have gone extreme and eat a ridiculous amount of sugar. Then I feel unsatisfied and have stronger sweet cravings and keep on eating more chocolate. I sustain myself on caffeine. But this past year, I've felt sluggish. I've gained weight. I feel anhedonic. I don't blog. I barely knit. I barely put on makeup. My online classes make my sleep patterns erratic. My wakeup time ranges from 630am-noon. I don't walk my dog because his paw is healing. My energy and motivation is non-existent. Well except for plucking my eyebrows and going to clinical. I love the community rotation this term. Had I know it would be like this, I would've considered it for my preceptorship.

So I decided to make changes. I stopped eating daily handfuls of chocolate from my 5 lb bag and replaced it with trail mix (peanuts, almonds, cashews, dried cranberries and blueberries, and chocolate chips). I upped my fruits and vegetables. I cut coffee and replaced it with green tea (I know it has caffeine but it doesn't bother my stomach).  I'm still working on the motivation to exercise. Even after 3 days of the diet change, I feel better. It might be a placebo effect but I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not sustaining of sugar. And I will work on blogging more. And playing with makeup. And knitting. 

It's spring break after all! I'm 99% certain a few scarves will pop up in the near future. 

Okay, that's about as personal as this blog will probably get. 

But first! Some link loving. Some of these may be old links but they are still interesting perspectives. 

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  1. Be my running buddy! I need to start running again.