Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Drew a Limbless Dragon

This is Brutus

After reading the girl with the dragon tattoo, I thought to myself I want a dragon tattoo. I looked around online but nothing seemed to match the masterpiece that was in my head. Don't worry, the beast above will not be going on my back either. And I just imagine being a grandma with a massive dragon on my back. As cool as that would be, it would not be for me. I will suppress the urge for a tattoo.

1. A beautiful vintage photoshoot by Galadarling in a ghost town in Nevada: The good, the bad, and the bunny

2. A new survey revealed that Police need better training with mental ill

3. LSD helps alcoholics quit drinking

4. PortraitofMai shows how to press your own eyeshadows- looks like a lot of work! But they turn out beautiful.

5. Baby girl with liver cancer saved by liver of 37 year old


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