Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not Enough Time in the Day I Swear

(About to go to bed which explains my scrubby look)
Attempt #2 at making a beret. 
The first inch I knit 2 purled 2 (knit the knits and purled the purls)
Then I knit 1 purled 1 the rest of the way. I just gathered the yarn at the top and sewed the ends. 
I'm still debating if this is success. Still looks more like a Jamaican hat than a beret to me though. 

Feeling rather blah lately. Not sick. As if I'm in a rut. Haven't really been doing much. School.  Trolling the same three websites (facebook, twitter, youtube).

2. RCMP writes a a letter to the Osoyoos Times Editor as a response to the editor claiming an officer abused his authority. I thought it was very clever the way the RCMP responded to it. 

3. *drool* Recipes for stuffed cookies - peanut butter & chocolate, oreos, s'mores, brownies... I wish I could gather enough energy to make the peanut butter & chocolate ones.

5. Watch Dunder the German Shepherd go from puppy to adult in 40 seconds

Also, RIP Whitney Houston. I will end with one of my favourite songs with her. 

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