Thursday, January 12, 2012

Would you Like a T-Pain Mic?

And for $50?? wtf . By the way, for those who DO want one, these were at Zellers in the toys section.

1. Hostess Files for Bankruptcy - you know, the Twinkie company

3. I wonder if the Vancouver location has this leather H&M jacket? I want the side zipper leather jacket I've decided. 

4. Can I Turn my Boyfriend into a vampire- Hah. Someone posted this on facebook. I tried to google the authenticity of this and found it re-posted on yahoo answers in different countries. Either way, it's a gross read. 

6. Toilets, a foreigner's nightmare - haha I like the diagrams. Also, not having access to a clean western toilet with a seat and toilet paper when travelling is a huge nightmare for me. The whole thought of using another type of toilet fills me with high anxiety.

7. Bald & beautiful Barbie?

8.Irish Hospital allowed not to resuscitate child with severe disabilities

9. Fraternal twins born 5 years apart through in-vitro

10. Bus Driver saves owl in Burnaby - aww... I want an owl.

11. Asian American soldier dies in Afghanistan; 8 US soldiers charged

12. In case you didn't know, ICBC informs you how to use a roundabout. Although really, I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't know how to use them.

13. Have you heard of eosinophilic esophagitis? This poor kiddie cannot eat food because of the inflammatory response.  Must be so rough for the kids when the condition goes undiagnosed :(

14. BC patient with anorexia thriving in Alberta -a short article followed by a video. The video explains how her recovery involved re-feeding syndrome which caused her body to go into shock. She also talks about her experience with anorexia. Unfortunately the damage caused by her eating disorder has resulted in untreatable internal bleeding and she has returned home. She wants more treatment options for those in similar positions. 


  1. Oh I forgot to mention they have that H&M jacket in Metro for I think $180? I was looking for a leather jacket but no way was I splurging for something that much soooo.... I got this instead haha:

  2. And I did try the jacket on too. It fitted.... weird?