Friday, January 20, 2012

I Used to be Snow White, But I Drifted

The above quote is from Mae West. I had to get my bf to explain to me what a snow drift was as I had never seen one before. My friend sent me a Chilliwack snow drift.

My dog broke three small bones in his paw last week. He was barking at something outside and he must've stumbled/fallen. He's in a cast for at least 6 weeks. Every time we go out, we have to put this ghetto plastic bag/duct tape wrapped boot we made for him so his cast doesn't get wet. Also prior to this boot, we put a yellow rubber dishwashing glove for added protection because we found he drags his plastic boot which sometimes results in a hole. And also a sock.

But the stupidest thing happened to me yesterday. It was a clusterf*ck. I put my dog on a leash to go to the bathroom in the front yard. He can't access my backyard because there's stairs. Turns out the neighbour's cat was outside so my dog now has no interest in going to the bathroom. I try to cross the street and turns out there's an off-leash puppy 20ft away. Now my dog's even more distracted. So I try to get him back towards the house and I see someone walking his small white dog. I don't know what it is about this white dog, but my dog has some vendetta against him and goes crazy every time. I asked the owner if he could cross the street but he didn't hear me because he had headphones on. I managed to get my dog halfway into my yard and he sees the white dog and goes berserk. Luckily I had a hold on his harness but he was trying to jump up to bark at this dog. His ghetto plastic boot comes off so now the yellow rubber glove is flapping in the wind. And I'm wondering what the people on the street were thinking about the girl trying to hold back a crazy looking dog that's almost the same size as her and why he has a sock on with a yellow rubber glove.

Here's some random pictures from my phone & camera.

I put a sweater on him at night because of that damn cold Arctic air. 

Cat always looks so grumpy.

Mmmm avocado salad with red peppers. I would usually use lemon juice and salt and pepper for added flavour. 

Finished a cowl

Here's some random stories I came across. Some are old and some are recent. 

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5. 5 things you should know before you graduate- I wish they showed us these gems of knowledge in high school when applying for university/college

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  1. I don't know whether to say Awww or laugh at imagining your dog with his 'sock'. Hope he heals soon.
    My dog used to go berserk at one particular house. On a previous walk, she didn't hear the resident dog sneak up to the fence then bark the hell at my dog -- totally surprised me and my dog and she never forgot it..hence the berserk-barking!
    Love avocado!