Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Now Brown Cowl

I wish I had something interesting to say but I'm fairly predictable. All I've done is knit. I knitted the brown cowl above and also a black one. Now I'm knitting a grey infinity. School starts on Monday and I've been sleeping at 330am and waking up past noon. Good grief. Morning classes will be the death of me for the first few days. 

In other news, my parents came home today and informed me that they didn't really do grocery shopping because they saw that the Christmas stuff was massively marked down so that's what they got instead. 

I'm off to a going away party but I shall leave you one scathing and awful article on Why do Vancouver men suck. I don't agree with it because it just sounds one-sided and stereotyped. But I did read through the whole thing and I'm glad they got some men's opinions in there. 

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