Monday, December 12, 2011

My Two Favourite Animals

I finished studying! So here's a blog entry :)

I got paid for a scarf! I was so stroked. I'm actually thinking that I will start selling them next year :) I will make them custom for people. I'm just debating if I should just go through this blog, etsy, or ebay. We'll see.

1. World's first cat park to open up in Vancouver- this sounds like a cat's nightmare. I know my cat would be pissed to be placed in an area with other cats.

2. Jack Russell trained to do all house tasks!- he can put dishes in the dishwasher, throw out garbage, do laundry, wtf hahaha

3. I've been entering a ton of contests this month! Remember that's how my blog started out as! Hopefully something good will come out of it. I won BOSE headphones and a Maybelline lipstick this year :) My logic is it only takes a few seconds out of your day to fill out a ballot form. My ultimate win would be a trip! I know someone who won 16 trips when she called on the Regis & Kelly show!
-London Drugs Gift Guide Contest- iPad2, London drug gift cards, gift basket
-Th Shopping Channel shopping spree- $20,000 shopping spree on their website
-Purdy's- tweet your Christmas tree for chance to win $150 Purdy's gift card
-Purdy's- if you don't have twitter, like them on facebook to enter their 4 day giftcard giveaway
-29 Secrets the Body Shop- $150 worth of Body Shop products
-29 Secrets Stila- win Stila makeup products

4. The kids at St. Jude's hospital ring Carol of the Bells- my favourite Christmas song :)

5. A plane has crashed in the Philippines in a shanty dwelling near Manila

6. This cat has 26 toes

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