Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Sink Hole: Brushes for Gel Liner

I feel like I'm chasing a unicorn. I am trying to find the perfect brush for my gel liner. In the process, it's starting to cost me money. Wtf. Here are the brushes I've bought thus far. I didn't do any swatches with the brushes because it's one thing to draw a line on your hands, it's totally different drawing a line on the eyes.

(top to bottom) no-name cheap ebay brush, Sigma E65 small angle brush, MAC 266 small angle brush

Thickness of brushes: (left to right) no-name cheap ebay brush, Sigma E65 small angle brush, MAC 266 small angle brush

ebay brush: This came in a set of five brushes I got off ebay for $5. I couldn't expect much. The problem I had with this was that the brushes split too easily so I had issues drawing a straight line. Also I got mad at it so I cut the bristles. It actually works better now and I like it more than Sigma.

Sigma E65 angled brush ($9): Useless. I don't know how anyone can draw a thin line with this brush. My problems with this was 1) it was too fat to draw thin line 2) once again, the bristles split too easily. It's usable for my eyebrows but useless for my eyeliner.

MAC 266 small angle brush ($26): I find the brush actually too big for my eyes. Bristles are dense and firm but I still have problems with it splitting. But I am able to get a thin lie with this brush at least. It's the best out of the three. But I find it's not easy enough for me to do my eyeliner quickly like I can with my liquid liner.

I just bought these off ebay. Maybe because I'm so used to using a felt liner for liquid that this will feel more natural for me.

Yup.. how embarrassing. I swear I'm going stop now.

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