Friday, December 9, 2011

Infection, viruses, and cells

Look at these cute toys I saw at the puzzles/games shop. The pink one was syphilis and the green one was chlamydia. I believe the white one was an ovary. haha

1. How well can you see colour?- I did this test and I got 25. Apparently I suck at differentiating my blues and greens

2. Japan is using part of its Tsunami budget to fund whaling :(

3. A total lunar eclipse is going to happen Dec.10- It's going to be visible in Hawaii... and we might get a rare chance of seeing the sun rise and the moon finishing its eclipse at the same time.

4. Amy Chan's article on Misrepresentation of Women- I like reading about her mentality when she thought Samantha from Sex and the City was a good role model and how she developed as she got older.

5. Rats work together to free a trapped rat even with food incentives sitting hearby- I watched the video and I don't know what's worse, being trapped in a claustrophobic plastic tube or seeing rats scurrying around. Nonetheless, I think it's cute they try to help each other

6. haha look at these Louboutin Asteroid Pumps

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  1. I'm pretty sure Dave got one of those stuffed toys as a gag gift or something from his parents lol.