Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Present You... A Cowl

side note: YAY FINALS ARE OVER!!!!!

Last year, the above started out as a scarf. But then it became super thick and heavy and I abandoned it. But I miss using my Size 10 needles and they were stuck in this fail project. Sunday night, I decided to unravel it so it was just short enough to fit my neck. And now it's a cowl. It served its purpose of keeping me warm when I was studying in my freezing cold basement and while I was up at the break of dawn writing an exam.

Enjoy this strange rendition of the Nutcracker by Arion

1. Buddy + Pedro, the male penguin duo, have been split up to mate with females

2.Beautycrush shows how to apply winged liner- she's a new girl from London I found on youtube! Super pretty. She has green eyes and she's a mix of English, Guyanese, and Chinese. Talking eyeliner, I'm going to write an entry on the pricey sinkhole I've found myself in trying to find the perfect brush to use with my gel liner.

3. 15stepsblog shows a pretty Matte daytime smokey eyes look

4. This is totally like the burnout presentation we gave in class- Nurses worldwide unhappy with their jobs

5. Erm. Word to the wise, don't pack a gun in your bag at the airport

6. Shooting games become a bit creepy when you apply it to street view google maps- just like real life :/

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