Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cowl on a Hot Pink Roof

I tried doubling up on the yarn and made a super thick cowl. Here's a hot pink cowl. I'm on a knitting frenzy.

wearing on my cheeks: NARS Luster (my go to blush!) . It's interesting how usually this blush is a warm apricot colour but the scarf brings out the pinkness. 

That's it. I've been busy doing one of three things: 

1. Trolling the malls
2. Knitting and going through Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
3. Gorging on Christmas sweets. Bf's parents hooked us up with apple pie, candy cane brownies, and shortbread cookies *win* 

OH!!! And fabulous news! I got my marks back and this is the best term I've had! =D So happy. One more year to go! 

1. Suitcaseandstilettos- a blog about a girl abroad. She also wrote an interesting post at thoserootsandwings about celebrating Christmas in Norway.

2. Global BC's Real Life Holiday Miracles-I watched every video. I have the utmost respect for those who work in peds. Takes a special kind of heart to work with children. And I remember baby Molly from when I posted the link to her blog!

3. Portuguese researchers create oral insulin

4. NHS nurse fired for administering overdose of insulin :(

5. Transport Canada states "Santa has passed all his required pre-flight tests"! Haha don't forget to track him at

Hope everybody has a lovely Christmas eve! I'll be spending Christmas Eve feasting on Christmas dinner with probably 20+ people :) Spread the love.

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  1. Beautiful cowl scarf and blush. I read & love Dragon Tattoo and sad that there is no more from the same author. Been gorging on choc cake pops - so so so yummy and too easy not to make. Merry Xmas to you, beautiful lady!

    Way to go on good marks!