Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Galore

I hope everybody had a wonderful and safe Christmas :) Talking about safe, when I was driving over to my bf's family's house, some big TOOL blew through a stop sign. Luckily I was in a 30 km/h zone and saw he wasn't slowing down. He didn't even see me till I held down my horn and had to hit the brakes. Bllahh. Be careful out there!

OH BY THE WAY I DID FINISH A SCARF haha. But I will post a picture as soon as my best friend receives it. Don't want to ruin the surprise.

Anywhos, I wanted to show some gifts I received that are relevant to my blog. My family and bf's family know me so well!

ELF Golden Bronzer, EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone 4 piece backstage vanity set, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (black bean), NYX matte black eyeshadow, NYX 10 color eyeshadow palette: The Runway Collection Casting Call, Smashbox Anti-shine 

ELF Golden Bronzer

NYX 10 color eyeshadow palette: The Runway Collection Casting Call

More yarn for scarves! Bf's grandma made me a toque :) I'm happy because now I have a red toque to match my Vancouver Olympic mittens!

I spent my Christmas with family and it was amazing. We did end up having 20+ people over at my house on Christmas eve. Spent Christmas day with my bf's family. Two turkey and ham dinners in a row. Dessert at my house was chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, jello, and fruit. My bf's grandma made pumpkin and apple pies, Swedish bread, and cookies. Bf's mom also made cinnamon buns for breakfast. I love food. Any weight I lost this term I'm fairly certain I gained back. It was definitely a feel-good kind of Christmas. 

However, it sure doesn't look like these people enjoyed their Christmas! Good grief. 

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