Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in a nutshell

Signs of things to come, my friends

1. Turned 25. Feel ancient.

2. My parents and my bf's parents met for the first time after us being together for 4 years. 

3. Celebrated 3 births. Mourned 3 deaths. Went to a funeral for my first time. Didn't celebrate thanksgiving as my mom went to Philippines for a funeral. 

4. Experienced the maternity, paediatrics, mental health, medical, neurology, and neurology critical care unit wards. Now able to take care of 3 patients! 

5. Cuddled with more babies this year than I have my entire life. 

6. Went to Vancouver Island with my family and cousin from Japan. First time in over 10 years that I visited my childhood town with my family. 

7. Sold my first scarf :) 

8. I worked this summer and paid for my dog's ACL surgery with my sister. I'm happy to say he's pretty much back to normal! He's lost weight which reduced the tension on his joints. He's happy to go for walks everyday which he wasn't able to handle before. 

9. Got my platform pumps! haha I thought this was noteworthy as I've obsessed about these for months on end. 

10. Guessed that someone had an abscess according to her symptoms and she went to the doctor's  and confirmed it was true! 


  1. LOL on the #1 -- wait until you are my age… Doggie = adorable. Congrats on selling your scarf -- didn't know you sell them. Did you blog about your platforms? Gotta see them!

  2. Oops -forgot! Happy New Year to you!