Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Obsessed with NYX

I am obsessed with NYX cosmetics ever since I saw the store! An ENTIRE store dedicated to NYX! I've never tried NYX before and would really like to try it out. So affordable.

1. A man who was doing a hunger strike to protest marijuana laws has died.

2. Going to try this Smokey eye look on my best friend tonight. Eman's a makeup artist from Vancouver! I will try to post some pics of the results... depends on how it turns out hah.

3. Like the Vancouver Sun Children's Fund. Every like = $1 which will then be matched by the Kids Fund.

4. Have you heard of BB Cream?

5.Louboutin Highness Platform pumps with peeptoe! I don't even know if I could stand in these without my ankles giving out.

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  1. There was a store dedicated to selling NYX?! Where is this??