Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How I Store my Boots

Snow boots (pompoms with faux fur on the inside;sooo warm), Chinese Laundry Turbo flat leather knee high boots, Roberto Vianni flat suede knee high boots, Aldo Dearing knee high leather stiletto boots (LOVE these.. but hurts to walk in)

I store them on the top of the shoe shelf... my rain boots are on the floor. I'm very sad because one boot cracked and I put duct tape on it! So ghetto. Buying another pair isn't very high on my priority list. Maybe I'll get Hunter rain boots. Those are cute. The duct tape will have to do for now.

One day I will take pictures of my shoe collection. Although it's nothing impressive because I'm just slowly getting into shoes now. I saw a stat on tv that said something like 64% of women are willing to withstand pain in order to look fashionable. I'm part of the other 36%. I'm a wimp when it comes to painful shoes. I am all for running shoes and flip flops.

1. Ever wonder how models prepare for the runway? This is how Adriana Lima preps herself

2. 9 year old runs a marathon- good grief. Major props to this kid.

3. A funny, in a very sad way, view of depression

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