Saturday, November 12, 2011

Exploding Wine Bottle



"What was that?"
"Sounds like someone knocked over something."
"...Sounds like something broke."
"Probably. But don't worry about it. Whoever did it will clean it up."

*Knock on door*

"Did you see what happened in the kitchen?"
"No. But I did hear something."
"Well...there's wine everywhere."

There was wine and broken glass EVERYWHERE. My boyfriend, sister, and I spent an hour cleaning up the kitchen. I was looking at it thinking this doesn't even make sense. Someone would have to drop the jug from a good height to make it explode like that. There was also wine underneath the cupboards so it wouldn't make sense that it was dropped. So I googled and found that refermenting wine can cause bottles to explode. The gas needs to go somewhere.

My dad thought it was funny. What had happened was he was trying to make champagne with his wine. He knew the wine hadn't finished fermenting yet but wanted to keep the bubbles so he bottled it and corked the jug. Now we know.

You can't make this up.

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  1. omg!! I wonder if that's going to happen to my mom's old wine bottle... it's just sitting on the top of our fridge haha