Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Sprinkle of Everything

I've been busy. October is a flurry of everything.

My laptop DIED. My brand new Acer laptop crashed on me and I had just bought it in June! Luckily I had warranty and brought it in. Turns out the hard drive failed. They replaced it with a new one and I didn't have to pay anything. I wasn't impressed.

I went to Vancouver island. Did the whole sightseeing scene.

OH YEAH. I got a small dose of racism. In Chinatown of all places. My dad was trying to back out of a parking spot but noticed there was rowing equipment behind him. I hopped out of the car and asked someone in the group to move their gear. Then a woman went to pick up her things and said,

"Oh haha. Here we were joking around that Asian people couldn't drive."

Wtf. Who says that to a stranger?? The only reason we couldn't get out of the parking spot was because your junk was in the way and we were considerate enough not to run it over.

Made me mad.

Uhmm.... I bought earthen rock brown L'oreal Lineur Intense as a spontaneous purchase when I was in Victoria because I forgot my liquid liner at home. It's not bad... could be more pigmented. I like it.

I won Bose headphones from a travelocity Roam with the Gnome contest :) I paired him up with my bf's travelocity gnome. I was going to sell them and get boots but my whole family persuaded me not to. They sound incredible.

I bought pink breast cancer mittens :) So cute & only $10!

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