Sunday, October 30, 2011

Productivity at its Best

These Bebe pumps are on! So cute. Except I know I fall over in 5 inch heels so 5.5 inches will probably be impossible for me.

I also think this cowl top is lovely. Cowl. haha.

I am totally doing Twiggy this Halloween while handing out candy. I will wear my grey sweater dress, white tights, and black knee boots. I think Twiggy is absolutely fab. She has the most beautiful eyes and waif-like body back in the day. Here's a picture of Twiggy and Kate Moss.

The shopping channel is doing a $20 000 shopping spree contest. Ends Dec.31/2011.

A woman's story of 20 years in conflict stricken Uganda

BCIT students unplug for Africa- Can you cut yourself off from social media for a few days? Lack of facebook/cell phone/etc... first world problems!

A hodge podge of things.

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