Sunday, October 9, 2011

Knitting, Makeup, and Shopping, oh my

Here's the infinity loop scarf I knitted for my cousin! It turned out a bit small because I ran out of yarn but there's plenty of stretch to it. I knitted with 12mm needles. I still don't have my camera so I took it with my cell phone. It's a beautiful rich red colour.

I went to the mall yesterday and went boots shopping. To my dismay, any of the boots I was interested in was $200-$300. I think I'm going to buy mine from online. Even with the border tax,it would cost less than what's in store.

What should I get??

I bought a few things when I was at the mall.

A cute grey sweater dress. I'm totally into the 60/70's style. Leggings, sweater dresses, knee boots, cat eyeliner... loves it.

I finally caved and bought the MAC 266 brush for my gel liner. I just found I wasn't even using the liner which is such a waste because I actually do like it! It was $26 though. Good grief.

Also, I'm super duper stoked because a lovely lady is going to let me do her makeup! This should be fun and different from doing my own makeup. Mainly for the fact that me and her are night and day. I have warm undertones, she has cool. I have dark hair, she has red hair. I can't wait to see what colours I can use on her.


  1. Too bad about the scarf. It's a nice colour and looks cozy. You look taller than me but do tell which boots you buy -- I'm on the hunt for a well-fitting one too. Will you post the makeover on the red-haired lady?

  2. Me again. About camel dress: it was still there before Thanksgiving weekend. If I see it again, I'll let you know.